My Mom taught me that a hand-crafted, personalized gift was far more special than the most expensive store-bought present.

Patty, my mother and business partner, comes from a long line of women with creative talents. She has irrepressible creative energy which she channels into everything from sewing and painting to writing and singing.

Mom loved to dress me in monogrammed clothes and accessories as a child. My favorite was a purple sweater with a three letter monogram in lavender. I collected Bermuda bags with cedar handles and removable embroidered covers. Each was specially chosen for me to pair with things I loved to wear.

We always figured that we would find a way to work together. We knew we had some creative ideas, a shared sense of style and a love of children, but how that would manifest itself was yet to be revealed.

So, life went on... she worked for many years in retail. I got my college degree and then dove into Corporate America. At Time Warner, I earned my "unofficial masters degree" in marketing, advertising and brand development.

More than anything, I wanted to become a Mom. Like so many women today, it took years and plenty of heartache. But, with the support of my husband and extremely tight-knit family, the big dream came true in the summer of '05 when I found out that there were two little heartbeats. Two! I left the high-powered job and took walks every evening thinking about the first time I would see the faces of my little girls and how life would change with their arrival.

Names became our obsession. I love when a name is given as a tribute. My daughter Charlotte's middle name is Eve - which she shares with her godmother, Chesha. And my husband's brother passed away at the very young age of 30, just two years before Sophia and Charlotte were born. Sophia carries David's nickname "Davis" as a middle name.

I'll never forget, exactly five days after the girls were born, their social security cards arrived in our mail box – addressed to them. It was the first time I really saw their full names in print. I was so thrilled.  And then, the gifts started arriving and the things we loved best all seemed to have the girls’ names or initials on them. Something just clicked. My, how new parents love the look and sound of their children’s names.

And so here we are… Mom and I, doing what we absolutely love and bringing beautiful creations to your beautiful creation! It doesn’t get any better than this.